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Soliev H.A.


The article studies the state of industrial enterprises in the regions of the Republic of Tajikistan, outlines their position in the production of industrial products thanks to the import of innovative technologies and, in this context, ensuring the transition from the agricultural-industrial system to industrial-agrarian development in order to grow the national economy. Using statistical data, general economic indicators of the industry, production volumes of certain types of industrial products in certain regions, for example, in the regions of the republic and in Dushanbe, were analyzed. The number of industrial enterprises is identified and their location in the regions and in the city of Dushanbe is shown, and the identified problems in the area under study are revealed. Rapid industrialization is proposed and the existing capabilities of the industry for processing domestic raw materials, ensuring the well-being of the population and their employment, enriching the domestic market with domestic goods are shown, imported products are assessed.


industry, rapid industrialization, industrial-agrarian development, national economy, agrarian-industrial system, innovative technology, industrial enterprises


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Publication date

Friday, 12 January 2024