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Civi-legal responsibility of doctors in pursuance with tr law “on population’s health protection” and health service code of Tajikistan Republic

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Bobojonov J.B.


The article dwells on the issue of civil-legal responsibility of doctors in pursuance with TR Law “On Population’s Health Protection” and Health Service Code of Tajikistan Republic. Civil-legal responsibility of doctors in relation to a patient is one of the problematic and actual issues of today’s juridical science. Under today’s conditions doctors as main subjects of medical activity must timely render medical aid to patients and cure them in a proper way. Though in practice because of non-qualitative and improper medical service thousand patients endure sufferings in our country every year. Considering civil-legal responsibilty according to TR Law “On Population’s Health Protection” the auther made a conclusion that not all aspects of the resposibility in question were envisaged in this law. The problem exists also in the Health Service Code of Tajikistan Republic. Studying the issue in question the author suggests that a separate chapter should be envisaged in the Code concerning answerability for non-implementation and // or improper implementation of medical aid and services. Thearticleincludesespeciallyimportantaspectsofjuridicalresponsibility.


civil-legal responsibility, answerability of doctors, Tajikistan Republic law “On Population’s Health Protection” Health Service Code of Tajikistan Republic, medical activity, patient’s rights


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Monday, 22 February 2021

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